Anne Morrison sitting in a chair Wings Unfurled: Discover Inner Peace, Harmony & Freedom

“Peace within, Peace between & Peace among.” – Virginia Satir

Therapy & Counselling Services in Chemainus & Beyond

Anne Morrison is a gifted therapist with a private practice located in a home office in Chemainus, BC. She has more than 30 years experience as a therapist, previously working within several family counselling, mental health and hospice agencies.

Individual, Couple & Family Therapy

Anne works with people individually, jointly or with the entire family unit. She uses a transformational therapeutic approach in a safe, welcoming, confidential and secure setting. This approach is based on the work of the visionary family therapist Virginia Satir (1916-1988). The Satir Model helps people connect with their inner core, discover their strengths and experience renewed vitality, inner peace and freedom. Anne helps all clients find more inner harmony and a renewed confidence.

Anne’s Specialty Areas

  • Managing change and life’s transitions: career, employment, parenthood, health
  • Loss support: grief/bereavement, death, separation/divorce, pet loss, relocation
  • Sexual abuse recovery
  • Relief for mental health concerns: depression, fear, anxiety, anger, identity and low self-esteem issues
  • Life cycle hurdles: Newly married, parenting, empty nesting, aging
  • Stress and wellness: How to find inner calm and a balanced lifestyle
  • Energy work and spiritual exploration

Benefits of Counselling

  • Revitalized life energy
  • Clearing away cobwebs from past issues
  • Deeper inner harmony that heals and transcends pain and conflict
  • More peace and inner calm in the midst of personal, relationship or family issues
  • Increased capacity for joy
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